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Teeth whitening and teeth cleaning at home for $40


  08:55:00 pm, by AlexGP   , 855 words,  
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Teeth whitening and cleaning for $40 at home


How to keep your teeth clean and white for $30-40 in year

I like strong coffee, extra strong tea and can drink them all day around,so no surprise that yellow teeth, heavy stains and calculus became lately my big problem. I’ve spent bunch of money for regular and deep teeth leaning.

I’ve tried to cut cost by traveling to Mexico, which is close to my city and they do great one hour cleaning for $30-40, but situation there has been deteriorated in last couple of years and now it’s quite easy to loose there all your teeth or even more.

So I started looking for a new, sufficient and cheapest way to clean and may be whitening my teeth so I won’t be forced to spend every year $100-140 for quality teeth cleaning and many hundreds for whitening in dental offices.

I wasn’t trying to create any new substances and I was using and checking out only teeth cleaning & whitening items freely available at drug and food stores. I don’t have any medical degree and no knowledge in dental areas, so I was just a regular guy looking for a reasonable solution, but my MS in physics was helpful in the planning and performing this research.

I’ve tried different whitening toothpastes, teeth whitening substances from Scope, Act, Crest and many more without much success.They helped for sure to remove or discolor fresh stains, but didn’t remove heavy brown calculus, yellow teeth.

After wide Internet researches and many, many tests I’ve found my magic recipe, which made my teeth perfectly clean and look naturally as they should. Now I can spend around $30-40 for an year and have my teeth spotless, naturally white and healthy.

So how it’s happened? First of all I’ve noticed that Crest whitening rinse is a quite effective softening solution for heavy stains and brown calculus on my teeth.After rinsing teeth with Crest whitening for a minute I’ve notice that residue become quite soft and it’s easy to remove with regular dental kit from Rite Aid.

So after a while I was able to remove all extremely strong coffee and tea residue from the front surface of my teeth, but wasn’t’ so successful with teeth’s back areas, which wasn’t easy to observe and reach. So after a little bit of practicing Ive got my naturally looking white teeth smile, but back area of my teeth was far away from perfection and bothers me constantly until one evening I yelled “Eureka”!

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