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Fasting for weight loss, energy boost and health


  02:27:29 pm, by SashaSD   , 279 words,  
Categories: How to look slimmer

Fasting for weight loss, energy boost and health


Fasting for weight loss, health and energy boost

How I get reed of my arthritis, heart attack’s scar and many more problems/em>

I’ve just finished my 11 days water fasting this week. During the time of fasting I wasn’t able to find any new good books about fasting on the market or in libraries so I decided to share my experience. While I was searching I've found in Encyclopedia of nutrition astonishing fact that average Americans have 5-10 pounds of toxic and unhealthy materials in their bodies. “Thanks” for it to all food preservatives, fast food and overeating.

Water fasting for health

Ive been doing the fasting on water for many years. My longest water fast was 19 days, many 10-12 days, regular 3-5-7 days and so on. I think that total amount of days I’ve spent fasting on water should be around one year, may be little more or less. I’m not a champion and record breaker, but actually it wasn’t my intention at all.

The idea to start fasting just came into my mind somehow when I was 21 years old and I did my fist 4 days juice fasting right away. Soon after I've read my fist book about fasting and later found book by Paul Bragg, “Miracle of fasting”, this was helpful in my adventure to world of fasting. Ive also read several medical books about water fasting and used some of their advices in my fasting. Through my experience of water fasting and many books, I’ve found for myself some rules I have to fallow to keep my water fasting safe and healthy. I’d like to share with you some of them and hope they will bring some help.

Preparation for water fasting.
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