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Wear Lady Gaga new shoes and look slimmer


  11:37:02 am, by AlexGP   , 144 words,  
Categories: How to look slimmer, Smart dresser choices, Celebrate your body

Wear Lady Gaga new shoes and look slimmer


Extraordinary footwear are par for the course for Lady Gaga.

So when Noritaka Tatehana began creating 10-inch platform shoes with gravity-defying heels, he had a natural client in the pop star. I think it’s quite cool to add 10 inches to your tall, it can be equal to dropping 10 to 20 pounds in a second! Wow!

The shoes take inspiration from 16th Century ‘Chopine’ platform shoes, says Accessory, and Tatehana’s site shows references to Japanese high wooden clogs that were popularised in the Edo period in the 19th Century.

Thanks to her outlandish style, Gaga has helped catapult the Japanese graduate - whose final year collection showed only last year - onto the global fashion stage.

She admires the designer and his creations so much that she now has 14 pairs of the impossible-looking shoes.

Read more about new Lady Gaga 10-inch platform shoes Full Article at Daily Mail

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